Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

I lied. I haven't been on vacation. I have, however, been on Chantix. Ya know? the "miracle" stop-smoking drug?

Weeellll...not so much.

Oh, I can does retard addictive behavior. Just not the particular behavior I'd like to retard.

So, I'm still smoking. But...I've almost totally given up coffee. And blogging, it seems. Unfortunately, I don't wanna give up coffee. Or blogging.

We had an absolutely fabulous Fourth of July weekend here at Zig's River Rat Retreat. First off, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Sunny and in the 80's with no humidity. Do ya know how rare that is here in Illinois? In July? Quite amazing, really.

Da Zigster and I worked the weekend before on the yard. We made a little...well...park...sorta...down by the river just between the two trees that we got married under. We mulched, added gathered river rocks for a border and a hearth for our chiminea, added a picnic table that we hauled the convertible (that's a whole 'nother story unto itself) and voila!...we have our very own little park. Even named it. Wistful Vista. heh Anyone know what that's from (no Googling allowed)? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

It looked a lot better on the Fourth...without all the bugs. We're in the middle of a mayfly bloom again. BIG one, this time.

So, back to the Fourth...

Since we now had the perfect weather and the perfect spot in which to view the fireworks, we needed the perfect company to enjoy them with. And we got it. My bestest pal and her husband from Lewistown were able to make it, as were our good friends from Pleasant Plains. Throw in some fireworks, some grilled skin-dogs from Alwan's, a few deviled eggs and a pitcher of strawberry margaritas and we had a party.

And about those fireworks! The neighbors always throw a big whoop-te-do on the Fourth, too. And their whoop-te-do always includes a spectacular (and spectacularly illegal, I might add) fireworks show. So there was that. We were also able to see Chillicothe's big show from our particular vantage point, as well as a bit of Peoria's and one from somewhere waaaaay across the river...Washburn, we think. Talk about sensory overload. It was fabulous.

Our Pleasant Plains pals were able to spend the whole weekend with us, so we spent Saturday (which was also gorgeous, weather-wise)...convertibling. We did a little antiquing, then headed south and explored a new little wine and cheese/antique shop in Havana. Yes, Virginia...they do make wine ice cream. The Port is to die for!

We wound up takin our friends on a short-but-sweet bar-hoppin tour of Bath that included
  • The Brick
  • , which was once owned by my grandma and grampa, then on to the famous...maybe that should be infamous Boat Tavern, which is currently owned by a high-school pal and is the site of the famous...uh...infamous...
  • Redneck Fishing Tournament
  • .

    This year's event will happen next weekend...
  • here's the info
  • ...and from what I hear, is a sight to behold.

    Anywho, I think our friends were properly impressed. heh

    Our garden...ok, so it's just tomatoes and green peppers...looks great. So far.


    Who pulled the plug?? I bet the river has dropped a foot. Just in the last 5 days or so. We're talkin "mud flats" here.


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