Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the princess can't swim

As some of you might remember, my daughter (the princess) lives on the Mississippi River. More appropriately, she's presently living in the
  • Mississippi River
  • .

    (Click photos to enlarge)

    Nothin like bein able to jet-ski or boat right up to your front door. Keep in mind, however...the front door is on the second floor of the house. While the main living quarters are on the top floor, they have...or had...a spare bedroom, bathroom, washer and dryer and spare fridge on the second. The ground-level part of the house is composed of a huge storage area and a ginormous covered concrete patio.

    The Mississippi...under normal about...oh...I dunno. (I'm a piss-poor judge of distance.) A couple hundred feet or so to the right (the front) of the house. This view is from the side.

    The kids have to take a boat from the house to higher ground (towards the back of the house) where the car and trucks are parked. At least twice a day. Every day. To and from work. Packing groceries and whatever else they need. 'Course, that entails gettin yourself...and all your packages...from the boat to the house...and climb over the deck rail...without fallin in.

    Unfortunately, the other day, Jules wasn't so lucky. Thankfully, she always wears a life jacket on her back-and-forth trips. (No, she really can't swim) A belly full of that nasty river water and a few scrapes and bruises were the result. Luckily, her s/o was just behind her on the jet-ski and he was able to pluck her outa the drink. So to speak.

    Gawd bless 'em for havin the balls to stick it out, though. Me? I'd have been loungin in a king-sized bed at the local Holiday Inn long before this point.

    But I do understand 'em wantin to stay home. I's home. And, after livin alongside my own river for a while now, I understand. No matter how many bad days ya have on the river, they can't erase the good ones.


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