Saturday, June 21, 2008

They have a great sense of timing

Almost exactly a year ago, we experienced our first
  • Mayfly Bloom
  • .

    They're baaaaaack.

    Most of the ones stuck to our neighbor's house are dead. Dried up husks of their former ephemeral buggy selves. I'm not sure exactly why they prefer our neighbors house to ours. We have some stuck to the sides, but they definitely like next door better. I'm assuming it's something about the color that attracts 'em. Their house is cream-colored...ours is light blue.

    They also seem to prefer my light-colored plants over the dark ones to succumb upon.

    They're kind of a pain in the ass, even though the "blooms" usually only last a day or so. They tend to clog up stuff cause there's so damn many of 'em.

    But we've got some of the fattest birds ya ever saw around here.


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