Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There is...a New Orleans...

...they call
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  • ....

    Nothin written in stone yet, but we're sorta...kinda...plannin a honeymoon trip. Finally.

    I suppose it should be called an anniversary trip, since it will be a year. Or it could be called Ziggy's birthday trip. Or we could just call it a plain, ole vacation.

    *I* choose to call it a honeymoon. Especially since we didn't have one.

    If we do go, we're headin back to 'Nawlins to the Villa Convento. We were there over Halloween in...what?...2003...or 04. Whenever it was, it was BK. Before Katrina.

    I can hear it now.

    "New Orleans??? In AUGUST??? WTF? Are you nuts?"


    I was there once in August too, and was pretty...steamy. But...damn! Who cares? We'll get off-season rates on the lodging. It won't be crowded. And our favorite little outdoor bar down by the French Market has a roof and ceiling fans.

    Besides that, I figure they could use our tourist bucks (paltry though they may be) more than any other place I can think of.

    New Orleans is one of my most favorite places. The people. The food. The climate. The diversity. The whole...ambience of the city. It's my kinda place.

    Unfortunately, I doubt if I'll get a chance to kick Ray Nagin in the balls while we're there.

    One can always hope, though.


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