Friday, May 23, 2008



  • Summer Camp
  • is here.

    And we're just a blacktop road, a railroad track and a four-lane expressway across from it.

    Can't complain much, though. We didn't have a bit of trouble last year, though the neighbors tell us there have been times when it was hot when "campers" have come through the yards to jump in the river to cool off. Don't think we'll have that problem this weekend, though it IS supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and Sunday.

    As for the thumpity-thumping...a strong bass is all I can hear of the music tonight. 'Course, the house is closed up (it's freakin COLD tonight...I'm thinkin the poor campers are gonna freeze their weenies off) and the tv is on.

    Sounds kinda like when I take a drive through the south end. heh


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