Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Terrible, terrible news...indeed

  • Talk Sex
  • is ending.

    NEW YORK — Sunday night is getting less steamy.

    Oxygen's Talk Sex call-in show with colorful septugenarian educator Sue Johanson is ending its run after six seasons, the network announced Tuesday.

    The final show airs at midnight Sunday.

    "I'm going to miss it terribly," Johanson told The Associated Press. "It's been part of my life and I just love it. I'm going to miss writing scripts. I'm going to miss having to read books. I'm going to miss playing with sex toys."

  • Sue Johanson
  • has always been one of my heroes.

    I get the feeling, though, that she's probably not one of
  • Scott's
  • .

    I guess I understand. Sorta. The first time I caught Sue's show, I'll admit...I was kinda...hinked out, myself. Let's face it...a wrinkled, grandmotherly-lookin old gal...wire-rimmed glasses...Saturday-afternoon-standing-appointment-at-the-beauty-shop a detailed example of how to give a blowjob, using a dildo...well, ok. I was a little shocked, too.

    But then I started listening to her. Lemme tell ya...that old gal's got it goin on. She's educated thousands of people about safe sex, STD's, general sexuality and how their bodies work...topics that, sadly, an awful lotta people don't seem to know much about.

    That much was obvious from some of the questions that were often called in.

    "Um...yea...I have a question. My boyfriend says I can get pregnant if I swim in a pool where a guy know. Is that true?"

    I think part of the reason she was so successful was the very thing that hinks a lotta people out...her age. She was non-threatening, non-judgmental...and she used humor...lots of humor.

    Let's face it, can be damn funny at times. And if you're too uptight to laugh about it, then you're takin it waaaaay too seriously. And ya won't ever have really good sex.

    She taught people the correct terms for body parts...but she wasn't a bit afraid to use slang either, if she thought someone would understand it better.

    "This is a cock-ring. It helps keep an erection...a hard-on...and it can help delay ejaculation. Ya know? If he comes too fast?"

    Though I haven't caught her show much, recently...I seem to be havin a hard time stayin awake after 11 pm anymore...I really hate to see her go.

    I wonder if they're lookin for a replacement....


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