Monday, June 16, 2008

Free with purchase

We made a trip to the local hardware store here in our little town on Saturday. We needed a new kitchen faucet and a few other little things.

Now I happen to love hardware stores. But I really love this particular one. It has a pet department. No kiddin. They have fish, lizards, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, birds...mostly small-type pets. On occasion, they've also had ferrets, kittens and puppies. Since the bigger pets aren't always available, I suspect that some are strays. People "donate" them to the hardware store, rather than take them to the local shelter.

Hey...I said it's a little town, didn't I?

So, when we checked out on Saturday, we'd found the perfect faucet, a couple of supply lines, a new scratching box for Stewie....and a bargain...

Honest ta gawd...when I asked how much the kittens were, the reply was, "They're free with the purchase of any pet item."

I mean...who could resist this face? Not me, obviously. And I think Ziggy even kinda likes him.

The jury's still out as far as Stewie is concerned, though. He's not impressed. Luckily, though, he seems to have accepted him pretty well. He hasn't killed him yet, anyway.

I'll hafta have the vet check him out...and get him fixed...but he seems to be pretty darned healthy. I have no idea how old he is, but I'm guessin around 8-10 weeks. And he's a lover, unlike Stewie, who could care less if anyone ever loved on him again.

"Just gimme food and water, bitch...oh, and keep my shit-box clean. That's all I want from the likes of you." Just think of Stewie on The Family Guy. Same attitude.

Ziggy, not exactly a cat person in the first place, says we're well on our way to becoming "the crazy, old cat people." I disagree. Cleanin a cat box that two cats use is as far as I wanna go, thank you very much.

We haven't named him yet. But a hardware-associated name seems appropriate. Zig suggested "Geiger"...because that's the name of the store. He also suggested "Bogo". (But one, get one...) I always wanted a pair of cats named "Wingnut" and "Deadbolt"...but Stewie is already...well...Stewie. Not that he'd know it if we changed his name. He doesn't come when we call him, any damn way.
"Smokey" or "Puff" is just too...trite. Every other grey, long-haired cat in the world is named Smokey or Puff.

I dunno...I guess we'll wait and see what kinda personality he develops. For the time being, he's "FuzzButt".


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