Monday, June 02, 2008

Meandering... more ways than one.

Went to our...well, it was supposed to be our annual "Buffet Party" in Springfield this weekend. The DJ played exactly one Buffet song. He did, however, play a shall I put this?...hip/hop/rap?...shit.

(Buffet? Ha! Buffet this, bi-otch.)

I guess I've officially turned into an old curmudgeonette. I mean, I hafta listen to that boom-boom-boom shit every day at work while I'm out, runnin the town. I don't wanna hafta listen to it on my time off, too.
It was nice to see some of our pals that we haven't seen in several months, though.

And the drive down and back was awesome. It's the first nice weekend we've had a chance to get out in the 'vert with the top down. It was glorious. We decided to take the "scenic" route on the way home Sunday...we ditched I-55 and picked up 136 into Havana.

We cruised the old hometown once. Good gawd! That place is gonna dry up and blow away. I was pretty much like the last 10 years I've been away never happened. Everything is exactly the same. Except there's less of it. Soooo sad. Pitiful, really.

About halfway between Havana and Peoria, we drove into a big, ole black cloud. The temp dropped from 86 to 69 and we laughed and giggled like a coupla idiots as the cold rain started beatin down on our sunburned faces...but we didn't pull off and put the top up. Oh, no. That's for pussies. Besides that, we figured just about the time we'd get pulled over and get the top up, it'd stop. And it did. Finally. heh

I love gettin out in the converible, top down, wind blowin yer hair. Ya get a much better view of...well...everything. Unfortunately, ya get a much better smell, too. It's that the state can't afford to pick up the roadkill. Fuckin lovely.

We have a red-winged blackbird that evidently has a nest in one of our trees. And he/she's very territorial. Though he/she's never swooped me, he/she has gone after Ziggy. Several times. And he/she came after the neighbor with that jihadist suicide bomber look in her eye yesterday evening. I KILL you! He'd been out washin his windows and he started runnin through the yard, swingin a towel around his head, tryin to keep him/her from peckin him on the head. Pretty funny stuff.

As long as it's not me. hehe


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