Thursday, January 27, 2011

That was the snowflake that broke the camel's back

A snowjob

I know. We're luckier than a lotta areas. But we're still twice our yearly average of the white shit. I'm gettin preeettttty sick of it. And it's certainly not making my disposition all rainbows and kittens, I can tell ya that right now.

Fact of the matter is, I'm gettin damn scrappy. I wanna kick somebody's ass.

That dumb bitch that had her big SUV's nose up my little red baby's ass on my way to work yesterday morning would do just fine.

Stupid cow. Yammering on her cell phone, of course. I was in the left lane, runnin 10 damn miles over the speed limit to try to get away from her. The right lane was full and I could not get over. I came thiissssss close to just hittin the ole break pedal...just a tap...just to get her attention, ya know?

But I figured I'd wind up pickin up my teeth offa Route 29...watching as she blasted past me...still blowin her cell phone.

I'm tellin ya...that 29 at rush hour is like Talladega...except with stupid bints on cell phones.


At 7:47 AM , Anonymous vipergirl said...

Sounds like you need a trip to the Keys. I could use one too.

At 7:36 PM , Blogger Beach Bum said...

Got back from Key West a few weeks ago and I already want to go back.
I've got to start buying a lotto ticket again once a week just to have daydream material.

At 10:39 AM , Anonymous teachingrocks said...

You are so right about those lunatics on 29. I risk my life every day on that racetrack praying all the idiots stay away from me.

At 1:56 PM , Blogger Omnibus Driver said...

How are you holding up in all this snow, my friend?

I couldn't get out of the office until after 5:30 last night, and by then I took one look out the window and said Hell-to-the-NO. I ended up camping on the couch in our reception area, as our office administrator had ruled that the switchboard must open today, and by staying I would: 1) keep my happy ass safe, dry and warm; and, 2) be able to oblige her.

I have to stay till 5:30 again tonight, so I got a hotel room down the street. Hot food, bath tub and someone to wash the outfit I've been in for the last 36 hours. Yahoo!

Hugs to you, the Zigster and the boys!


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