Friday, March 20, 2009

Suck it up

So. I tried a couple of the
  • Space Bags
  • last night.

    I'm impressed.

    I'm also impressed by another product.

    See, we have a running joke around Casa de River Rat about duct tape and WD40. If ya don't want it to move, use duct tape. If ya do, use WD40.

    Anywho, at some point, Zig picked up a roll of
  • Gorilla Tape
  • I shit you's like duct tape on steroids.

    It works great on sealing holes on things that are supposed to be air-tight. Like Space Bags.

    See where this is going? Uh huh. My neurotic, Pica-afflicted bastardcat chewed holes in a couple of the pricey Space Bags. The...ah...supposedly "air-tight"...Space Bags, rendering them...well...not.

    Thankfully, I discovered this fact before I filled 'em, so I was able to use the Gorilla tape-fix.



    So far, the seal seems to be holding. The two bags of sweaters I did last night are still tightly compressed. The hanging bag for my coats, however...yea, he hit that one, too.

    Now I've gotta find some place to stash ' he can't chew on 'em again. (sigh)


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