Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My hero....Thomas Crapper

Ok, so I know that Thomas Crapper wasn't the first inventor of the flush toilet.
  • Sir John Harrington
  • was.

    But let's face it...using Crapper in the post title just sounds better.

    But the Honorable Mr. Crapper did invent the
  • ballcock

  • And...I mean...c'mon...ballcock is such a great word. But I digress.

    The toilet flushes!

    The water's down about 8 inches...enough to allow my beloved commode to do it's daunting doodie...uh...I mean duty, once again. It's down enough that we no longer depend on the cursed camping toilet for our daily...well...you know.

    What the hell. 'Nother week and we might even have our own running water again. Two weeks...maybe even hot water!

    Baby steps. Small miracles.


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