Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Send hot water! And vodka!

We're officially "marooned".

Ziggy hadda move the vehicles out early this morning. Good thing he did, too. It's too deep to get 'em out now. I don't envy him havin to walk through that icy cold water with chest waders on, but thank gawd he's got 'em. I don't have any.

Our driveway and the road behind us...

Hell, don't matter, anyway...I still look like somebody with
  • Elephantiasis
  • of the face. The pain Thanks to my new little friend, Vicodin. heh Actually, I think the swelling's down a bit from last night...a good sign, no doubt.

    The plumbers yanked the hot water heater yesterday, so we're roughin it. Unfortunately, it looks like the water'll get high enough to knock the water pump out altogether, so Zig hooked up a hose to the neighbor's outdoor faucet, then to our outdoor faucet...he tried to explain it to me...but my Vicodin haze prevents me from grasping the concept. It worked like a charm last September when we were flooded. Unfortunately, it's about 50 degrees colder than it was last September, so I'm kinda concerned about it freezing. 'Sposed to get down to 10-13 tonight. Lovely. The hose'll be under water, so maybe that'll keep it from freezin up.

    Our "front" yard...

    The current news here in the 'hood, is that the water will be about 4-5 inches below what it was last September. That means it'll still get in the house, though it won't reach the living'll just fill up the basement and part of the lower, back foyer. It's still bad enough.

    All things considered, though...we're pretty fortunate...unlike some of our neighbors. I feel so bad for 'em. They've just now got repairs completed from the last go-round.


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