Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I want a little cheese with my whine

  • here we go again

  • According to NOAA's
  • Illinois River Basin Forecast
  • , it won't get quite as high as it did last year. But damn close.

    Fingers and toes crossed here, lemme tell ya.

    But still...we'll hafta move the cars up and wade in...or be marooned on our own little island. We'll still hafta move the hot water heater out. Thank gawd I've got my trusty ole lobstah pot to boil water in for baths. We've used it more for that than we have for lobster. heh

    Aaaand, the next coupla days are supposed to be really, really cold. As in down to 13 Wednesday night. Hell. Maybe we can just skate in?

    The icing on the cake? Oh, ya just know there's gonna be icing, doncha?

    I just got back from the doc's. I not only have a huge abscess in my upper jaw, it's traveled up into my sinuses.

    I'm well on my way to lookin like this...

    My face is all deformed. The pain is damn near off the scale. I feel like pure shit. Despite the probiotics the doc recommended, I just know the amoxicillin is gonna give me a raging case of diarrhea. Vicodin will be my best friend for the next few days...but it tends to make me throw up.

    And a flood is comin.

    I shoulda asked for a script for Valium, too.


    I have found Nirvana. And it's mane...aahahaha...I mean name...is Vicodin. And it is good.

    Aaahhhh. Sweet...sweet...relief.


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