Sunday, March 01, 2009

They delivered more than a sofa

"Bring out your dead!"

Nah. I shouldn't blame the delivery guys...they were great. Actually, I woke up yesterday morning...sick...again. Jeeezus H. Keerist. I just finally got over the creepin crud that I caught waaaay back in December.

I'd been sooo lucky. Hadn't had a cold in a couple-three years, so I suppose I was due. But...damn. It'd been nice if the Seven Dwarves of Sickness didn't hafta visit me again so soon. Ya know those guys, doncha? Phlegmy, Coughy, Achy, Snotty, Stuffy, Sneezy and Feverish...y.

Anywho, the
  • new sofa
  • came just in time. Though it doesn't appear to be soft and squishy and comfy, it is. It's a perfect place to curl up on and snuggle into my faux-fur throw. And I did just that last night.

    It made me feel better. Briefly.

    Unfortunately, it didn't come with a pot of chicken soup, a box of kleenex and some NyQuil.

    It didn't come with a cat, either.

    Oh, and for those of you who emailed me wanting the info on the gold deal? I'll get the kits out to you...just as soon as I get 'em. They should be here any day now.


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