Sunday, February 15, 2009

This isn't an infomercial

Ok. It is. Sorta.

See this sofa?

I just ordered it Friday...and paid cash.

No, I don't normally keep six or seven hundred bucks of "walkin around money" in my wallet, so if anybody's got any ideas about muggin me...well...faggadaboudid. You'd be lucky to get ten bucks. And ya just might get a good kick in the balls to go along with yer ten bucks.

No...I didn't run by the handy-dandy ATM before hittin the furniture store.

And no, we haven't gotten our income tax refund back yet, either.

Didja know that gold is runnin in the neighborhood of 950 bucks an ounce right now? I didn't, either.

See, I've had some old jewelry just layin around in my jewelry box for...oh...I dunno...a long time. Zig's old wedding old wedding set...a couple gold bracelets...a few broken gold chains that I just never got around to gettin fixed...a few single gold earrings (like...why did I even save 'em?)...a couple rings with some teeny diamonds...a few pieces that I just didn't wear anymore.

Believe wasn't much as far as jewelry goes. What I sent in...well, you could hold it all in the palm of your hand. Easily.

So, I've been hearin about some of these deals where you send in your gold and they send you a check. When I first heard about it, I thought...riiiiight. You send in your stuff and ya never hear from them again. Suuuucker! But then I heard about a company that just might be legit.

And I figured...what the stuff can't be worth much, anyway. Some of the stuff was 10K, some was 14K...some pieces were broken and what wasn't, I wasn't wearin, anyway. So I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers and sent it in.

Within 4 or 5 days, I got an email sayin they received the stuff. And within a week, I got a check back. A check big enough to buy a sofa I've been lusting after for quite some time. And it's a good quality sofa. From a real furniture store...not from some discount joint.

I'm still kinda amazed...I had no idea I'd make enough to buy a friggin sofa fer chrissakes. I bought something nice that I reeeeeallly sellin somethin that I pretty much considered useless. Cool.

Another cool thing...if I want to, I can refer other people...and earn a little commission. Honest ta's not one of those pyramid-type schemes. There's no contract. Nothin to buy. If I refer somebody else, I get a little swag. If I don't...well, I don't.

And I almost forgot to add...if they send you a check for your stuff and you don't think it's enough, all ya gotta do is not cash the check, call their toll-free number and they'll send the stuff back to of charge. Oh...and it's free to send it in, too.

If ya wanna know more, shoot me an email. The address is right over there.....>
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