Sunday, January 25, 2009


  • Leslie
  • has a couple vids of pole dancers that reminded me of this gem Jules sent me a while back. I laughed til I thought I'd pee my pants...because it looks exactly like what'd happen to me, should I be foolish enough to try it. heh

    In fact, it makes me laugh every time I watch it...and right now, laughter is about the only medicine that seems to be workin. Yea. I'm still sick. Better, but not back to my normal self, by any means. I don't know what the hell that bug was, but I hope ta hell I don't ever meet up with the little bastard again.

    I'm sick of bein sick. I'm sick sick sick of the weather. Snow and ice and freezing fog and -20 degree temps. Ack! I'm sick sick sick of winter, period.

    And I'm heartsick, too. Our beloved...our cherished...little PT 'vert seems to be...well...sick. If it's what da Zigster thinks, it's bad. 'Course, we paid it off early...just a few months of course somethin bad was bound to go wrong. It's been a honey. And we've had some wonderful trips in her, so I suppose we'll always have our memories.

    So, it looks like we're goin car shoppin. In fact, we've already got our eye on something that's big enough to haul a boat. Well, if we ever get a boat, we'll be able to haul it.

    It's not nearly as sporty as the 'vert, but what the hell...we're not nearly as sporty as we used ta be, either. heh


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