Monday, January 26, 2009


The Zigster Queen Family Truckster!

Our poor little PT 'vert was, indeed, sick. Very sick. Fortunately, she held herself together enough to make a really, really nice trade-in value. Well, except for the CD player, which very conveniently died today. Ok, so we didn't mention the fact that she was sick...other than the CD player, anyway. In other words, the transmission didn't make that intermittent, but terrible clunking sound when they test-drove 'er. Bless her little heart.

I'm tellin ya...if you can do it, now is the time to buy a car. Especially something the Truckster.

We got one helluva deal. The Car Fax Certified (for what it's worth) "Truckster" is a '08 with 15,000 miles...and she was a rental. She's got all the bells and whistles, including the remainder of the warranty...and they even threw in an additional 12 month/12000 miles on top of they knocked off an additional 200 bucks of the price...which was already dirt cheap. Ok, not exactly dirt cheap...but very reasonable.

The offer was so good that Ziggy didn't even dicker.

Actually, we had our choice of colors, too. They had three or four...same year and model...same options...nearly the same mileage...for the same price. I was kinda partial to the black one, though.

Ok, so it's not exactly the original Truckster. And it's certainly not as fun as the 'vert was. But it's got enough ooomph to pull a boat...if we ever get one. And it's got enough room in it that we can haul furniture...without havin to put the top down. Hell, we could even camp in the damn thing.

The practical side of me is tickled pink with it. And I've gotta admit...the Zigster and I have talked many times about how damned handy one of these would be.

On the other hand, it's a...a...I'm not even sure I can say the word...a....ohmyfuckingawd...we bought a minivan! Oh, they try to call it an SUV. They ain't foolin me. I'm gonna hafta join the PTfuckinA and go find some little bastard to haul around to soccer practice.


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