Monday, February 23, 2009

Odds and ends

Because all my ends are odd.

I think Mickey Rourke is really Rocky Dennis...all grown up.

I rest my case.

And no. I didn't watch the Oscars. I don't imagine I could care any less about who won what or what they were wearing. But ya can't swing a cat without seein Rourke's horrific mug plastered somewhere.

We met up with Ziggy's brother and his wife for our annual Christmas pizza at Blarney Castle Saturday night. Yea...I know...we were only a couple months late. I don't understand the big hoo-hah about Blarney's pizza. In a word, it's pretty...unremarkable. I guess ya shouldn't expect too much of a pizza from a place named Blarney Castle, huh?

I was kinda surprised...pleasantly...that there was a coupla people smokin at the bar, though. I half expected the Anti-Smoking Storm Troopers to come bustin down the door and make a raid.

Good on Mr. Blarney, whoever he is, for choosin to run his establishment the way he sees fit.

Purge was the word of the day on Sunday. I finally decided to tackle the loft, aka The Pit. When we moved in here, we promised ourselves that the loft wouldn't become a dumping ground for...well...stuff. Ya know? Stuff that was too good to throw away? Stuff that you might use...three years from next Wednesday?

Yea. Well.

The loft isn't actually usable space. Oh, it could be used as a spare bedroom...if you don't stand up. Well, you can stand the center of the room...for about 4 inches either way. See, the ceiling slopes. Dramatically. From about 5 and a half feet to about 2 and a half.

I don't know how many times I forgot that little fact....and whacked my head on the ceiling.

Da Zigster, busy hauling things out as I threw 'em down, was entertained by my explosive outbursts.




I've still got a headache.

My newest time-waster?
  • Hulu

  • I'm currently in the middle of Season 1 of
  • St. Elsewhere

  • Whatta blast from the past! I loved it then and I love it now.

    It's really fun, too, to see the now-famous (or sorta famous) actors when they were just startin out in bit parts on tv. Tom Hulce. Ray Liotta. Tim Robbins.

  • new sofa
  • will be delivered this Saturday. I can hardly wait!

    See, I'm pretty impatient. When I want somethin, I want it now. That's one thing I hate about furniture shoppin. Most places nowadays don't keep furniture in stock...just "display" models. I hate that. When we bought our recliner a few months ago, I asked the salesperson if we could have the display...told her that if I couldn't take that one home with me, then I wasn't buyin any. It worked then.

    Didn't this time.

    What the hell. Didn't hurt to try.


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