Sunday, March 15, 2009

The World of Pammy Wong

Uh...maybe that should read Wrong.

Just what does one do with oneself on a Sunday afternoon, when the aforementioned oneself is essentially restricted to an 800 more-or-less square foot area (not counting the deck, which is currently piled high with yard stuff that we didn't want to float away)?

Why, make Chinese food, of course. Doesn't everyone do that in times of major flooding?

I made homemade egg rolls and am in the process of makin Chinese noodles with a spicy peanut sauce...making do with the stuff I had on hand. No quickie trips to the store for me!

I'll post the recipes after we've eaten. If they're good. heh

The good news is, the water's down about 3 inches.

Whoda thunk I'd have been so happy with 3 inches?

The bad news is...yea, as if we needed more bad news...the ManVan...our brand new crunched today. One of our neighbors called and said that he'd accidentally backed into it while it was parked up at the road.

Well, of course it was an accident. I'm pretty sure he didn't do it on purpose.

It sounds kinda bad. But Ziggy just doesn't feel like jumpin in the SS Minnow and crossin the ocean to go take a look. See, there's a little more bad news. He's come down with a rotten cold. He who never gets sick.

Of course, being in such close quarters for so long, I'm pretty sure I'll get it, too. I'm just hopin that the antibiotics that I'm still takin keep it from turning into something really awful.

I'm tellin ya, people. My happy-go-lucky, optimistic, roll-with-the-punches attitude is being assaulted on a major scale, here.

If I added up all the shitty, rotten things that we've been hit with here lately...

Gawd Dammit!

I just burnt up my Spicy Peanut Sauce!



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