Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, I got sucked in

Pun very much intended.

I routinely go through my teeny closet every season...switching out the winter clothes with the summer ones...and vice-versa. There's just not room in there for both.

I should be ashamed of myself (I'm not). I have entirely too many clothes.

My problem is, that when I make the switch, I don't have any place to put the out-of-season stuff. They wind up packed in totes or clothes baskets, stuffed in the spare room or hauled up to the loft. And they take up a lotta that we just don't have. It's especially bad when I try to pack up the winter stuff...all those sweaters take up a lotta room, ya know?

Soooo anywho...a couple weeks ago, I got sucked in (get it?) by the commercial for
  • Space Bags
  • and ordered some.

    And they're here!

    (Jeeeezus I bored, or what? Gettin all excited over Space Bags and organizing my closet. I think cabin fever is setting in. Kill me.)

    See, they woulda been here sooner, but because of the flood, we haven't been gettin any mail. So da Zigster made a trip to the PO yesterday, through the flood, to pick it up. I figure the Space Bags'll be great too...if we have another flood. My stuff won't get all wet...from the flood.

    Yea, I know. I've been doin a lotta flood-blogging. But...uh...well, this blog's pretty much all about my life and me and what happens to me and how it affects me. Which is pretty much how a lotta other bloggers blog. Sooo...

    But I digress. As usual.

    So,'s the Great Closet Organization Day.

    I'm just gonna suck it up...and do it. heh

    Photos will follow. Because, gawd life is so boring that I have nothing better to do.


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