Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seein' green

The water's finally low enough in the yard to see a little grass peekin through.

The daylillies seem to love the goopy, black silt.

Kinda cool to see ducks the yard.

"Yard carp". heh

This is really the time that it's hardest to get around. It's too shallow for a boat in a lotta places...but damn near too deep for chest waders in others. Ya gotta wade and drag a boat along for the drop-offs. With a little luck...and if the weather holds, we might be able to drive in by Sunday or Monday.

The flood water's especially silty this time. It's gonna make for one nasty-ass cleanup, that's for sure. And it's like walkin on ice to wade through. But I'm thinkin it's also gonna make for some really fine fertilizer. I bet we'll have some kick-ass tomatoes this year.

The FEMA guy was here already today. That's really fast compared to last year. 'Course, this time, they're really too early. Really couldn't look at anything yet. Most of the damage is confined to the basement...which is still completely full. He shoulda worn his diving gear.

Didn't do the Space Bag thing yesterday. Just didn't feel good. Maybe later today...or tomorrow.

"After all...tommorrah IS another day." - Scarlet O'Hara.


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