Monday, May 26, 2014

This girl is on FI-YAHHHH

Yeaaaaa. As in 2rd degree rad burns. Under my double-d. It ain't pretty. And it hurts like a biotch. But I have a giant-sized tub of silvadene and a bottle of Norco and I know how to use 'em. Thankfully, the Zigster is on vacation this week, so I can remain in a pleasant, codeine-induced stupor most of the time. Which is what I intend to do. Got 6 more treatments and I'm DONE. The doc said that I probably haven't seen the worst of the burn accumulates slowly. Goody. He also said that the fatigue will take several weeks to wear off. Swell. So between the fatigue and the pain pills, I'll be pretty much....a slug. LOL

But enough about that. This is Memorial Day....and as such, it would be just....wrong...if we didn't cook out. So da Zigster's gonna fix some killer burgers on the grill. For the last couple of months, we've been buying all our meat at

  • Alwan's
  • ....and I can't believe the difference! I'd noticed that the meat...and the ground beef, in particular, that I'd been buying at the grocery store, was not tasting quite....right. And the texture was...funky. Not like I remembered a good hamburger tasting....or a steak, for that matter. So I got some at Alwan's and we did a taste test. Oh. My. Gawd. There's NO comparison. The plain old ground chuck from Alwan's kicked the ass of the grocery store's ground round AND sirloin. I dunno what crap they're putting in grocery store burger....and I don't wanna know. I just hate it that we're been putting that crap in our bodies all this time.

    AAaaaanywho...(I went off on a's the Norco...LOL) he's gonna fix burgers and I fixed some pasta salad and will fix some roasted, rosemary/olive oil french fries....and I got to use some of my fresh rosemary from my herb pot on the deck.

    And we'll take a minute to remember those that served our the Zigster's dad. He's no longer with us, but he was in the thick of WWII....landed at Normandy, etc. I can't even imagine what he and the young men...and women... like him went thorough. He and millions like him who served in Europe, the Pacific, Africa, Korea, Viet Nam, The Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan ( I know I'm forgetting some) are why we have the freedoms that we do today.

    So, all you veterans and families of veterans out there.....THANK YOU!


    At 9:31 AM , Blogger pamibe said...

    Dang! Sorry to hear about the burns. :( But thank God for good meds!!

    Funny that beef, which has doubled (trebled?) in price lately, is tasting strange. Yes, to me as well. Going to Whole Foods today and will get some there.

    Only SIX to go! Yay!


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