Thursday, July 08, 2010

If I hear the name "Justin Bieber" one more time...

...I'm gonna ram pencils in my ears and twirl 'em around until my eardrums are completely fubar'd.

My 10 year old grandbebe has been here since Monday.

We've shopped, went swimming, shopped some more, boated, watched movies, went swimming again, built a bear, shopped again, lunched at Avanti's and the Smo-King Pit in the mall, went fishing and oh...did I mention we shopped? If I never see Northwoods Mall again, it'll be too soon, too.

Sluuurrrpppping up some Avanti's spaghetti...Italian-style.

Ain't she cute? Even being unhappy at having to wear an old, smelly life jacket.

I'm taking her home tomorrow...and I'll miss her. She's become a "little person" with a quirky personality and a dry sense of humor...she reminds me so much of my dad...the way she phrases some things. And that's kinda funny...he never had the opportunity to meet her, dammit. He'd have been as crazy about her as he was my daughter...maybe more.

I was glad she got to see the
  • Nina and the Pinta
  • sail by the house this morning.

    Well...replicas of 'em, anyway.

    She proclaimed them "kinda cool".

    But not as cool as Justin Bieber.



    At 10:06 PM , Anonymous MrsDoF said...

    Oo oo oo, I was hoping you would put up your own picture of the historical ships. I remember reading here about the last time they were in the area.
    Thanks for the link to the P J S, with its video. I don't think to check over there on my own.

    Your fish in the previous post, and the tale of the cleaning, brought back so many memories of my dad and uncle. I haven't put a hook in the water since they passed on.

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane


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