Saturday, May 22, 2010

Depressed, dejected and disgusted

Will she or won't she be
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    This'll be the first weekend since we've bought the boat that it will be decent enough to get it out. If not for that fact, I'd probably sit out on the deck and drown my sorrows in a margarita...or six.

    Hell, maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. I'll sit on the boat and drown my sorrows with a margarita or six.

    I'm depressed because after June 30th, I'll no longer have a job.

    I'm dejected because I friggin love my job, my boss and the people I work with, and not only am I being pink-slipped, the job itself will cease to exist. There's no possibility I...or any of us...can be called back.

    Poof! Gone with the wind.

    I'm thoroughly disgusted with the whole friggin government...from the White House to the State of Illinois...oh, especially with the State of Illinois...right on down to Peoria County.

    It's the trickle-down theory in action, doncha know?

    My head understands that grant money is grant money and general funds are general funds and never the twain shall meet. My head also understands that you have to live within a budget and be fiscally responsible...especially with other people's money.

    But my heart is having a damn hard time accepting the fact that, while five or six ...what I consider to be essential programs...not to mention 35-40 positions...are being eliminated, they continue to hire Executive-Directors-of-This and Administrative-Assistants-of-That; they continue to plan a total remodeling project; they recently bought property that sits adjacent to the building because they need more room.

    Ya know, that kinda shit just plain hurts.

    I guess they'll have plenty of room now...with damn near a quarter of the employees gone.

    I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised. I mean, we are talking about the "government", after all. And since when has anything they've done since signing the Constitution really made any sense?

    There are so many things about this action that are just...wrong.

    I really don't think that the powers that be have any idea the impact that this will have on the people we serve and the community as a whole. I don't think they really understand just exactly what it is that we do.

    And I'm pretty sure they could give a rat's ass about the people's lives they're totally fucking up. Oh, I'll be fine. But there are an awful lot of other people that won't. And that just breaks my heart.

    Ah well. I just keep reminding's the government and the government's being run by politicians.

    Why should I be the least bit surprised?


    At 8:38 PM , Blogger Nate said...

    I feel your pain, really I do. It has been 5, nearly 6 months for me since the .gov killed the financing for mine and 4 other jobs in the outfit I supported. And the same government is doing away with many contractor positions, replacing them with much loer paid, (and qualified) civil servants. And- the weather here just won't get nice enough for me to spend my time on my boat everyday to make up for it. Hell, it was hailing today!

    Anyway, I know you will pull through agter a drink or 2 or 6.

    At 10:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    .... hang in there, sister........ hang in there.....


    At 11:05 PM , Anonymous Bou said...

    I get it. I've been there. Ten years ago, they closed our plant. A decision to consolidate our plant with one up in CT was made, and only keeping a skeleton crew down here. "If you want your job, you can have it, but it's in CT" was what were told. The door was shown for those of us who could not or would not go. I was devastated. I loved my job. I knew that at 65 years old, I'd turn off the lights. Did they not know what they were doing?

    Three years later, 80% attrition. Some went and then promptly quit. All in all LESS THAN 20% went and stayed. Because... you know... as they continued to hire management and take their big bonuses and winke and nod at Wall Street about how they helped the shareholders by consolidating... they surely must've known what they were doing.

    Ten years later they are still suffering from the disasterous decision. Programs flounder, people are miserable, morale is low for those who remained... the company is a shell of itself at times.

    I wasn't sure what I'd do with myself. My job was a part OF ME and who I WAS. But amazing things happened since then and although it was the worst thing that happened for the company, it was the best thing that happened for me. Never would I have guessed.

    Hang in there. You're in my thoughts...

    At 4:14 PM , Blogger Peoria Peepers said...

    I'm sorry :(


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