Thursday, September 18, 2008

When life gives ya lemons...

...go fishin! heh
I did, indeed, fish right from our deck today. Didn't catch a thing, but there's definitely fish in the yard...the water's about 3 feet deep.

Gotta admit...I got a little panicked this morning when I saw how much it'd raised overnight. I rushed around here, packin clothes and necessities. Started pilin stuff I didn't want ruined on the spare bed. I finally calmed down when they revised the crest forecast down...even though it's just about 2-3 inches, that'll keep it from gettin in the main floor of the house. We hope.

This is the front of the house. There are 4 steps up to the deck...the first two are covered.

Zig wades through the yard to check on the neighbor's house.

Our other neighbor, takin her dog, Harley, for a potty break.

Lazy gulls, hitchin a ride.

Ya know, this could have been so much worse. It really has been kind of an adventure. The only real inconvenience...besides not being able to get in the car and go using cold water to wash my hair with. Let's just say it was...refreshing.


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