Friday, September 12, 2008

The color purple

Loved the movie. Hate the color.

Well...until now.

I went browsin in
  • Bergner's
  • the other day and had an absolutely uncontrollable urge for something...anything...purple. Ok, so this season they're callin it aubergine. Whatever.

    Up until that time, if anybody'd ask me what my least favorite color was, I'd have more than likely said purple. Or lavender (I still detest that). But I spied this handbag and just had to have it. I was like an addict droolin over a foot-high pile of heroin.

    Ok, so I am like an addict droolin over a foot-high pile of heroin when it comes to purses, anyway. I'm honestly ashamed of how many I already own. (, I'm not. I'm a handbag whore and proud of it. heh) But this purple...ah...aubergine one...ooooo, baby. Hadda have it. But that didn't cure my urge for purple. I snagged one of those cute little 3/4 length sleeved cardigans, too. Ya know the kind? Sort of an empire waist thing with just two or three buttons?

    Yea, I love those 3/4 length sleeved shirts and sweaters. I have these short, stubby arms...everything with long sleeves makes me look like a 3 year old, dressin up in her dad's clothes.

    Anywho, I dunno. It's a strange thing...this desire for purple. Can't explain it, but I think it might have somethin to do with these hot flashes I've been havin.

    Yea...yea...that's it. I'll blame it on menopause.

    "I didn't mean to spend so much, Ziggy...really I didn't. The hot flashes made me do it!"

    Think that'll work?


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