Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

*I don't know how people can live in places that have large amounts of rainfall. Ya know? Like the Northwest? It's been raining here for what?...four straight days now?...and I feel like I'm...withering...from lack of sun. No wonder so many whackjobs and serial killers come from the state of Washington.

*In an effort to shrink our already-miniscule (compared to others, anyway) heating bill this winter, da Zigster is puttin some of that shrink-wrap plastic stuff on our big picture window. And I'm sittin here, watchin. heh

*I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a politician that doesn't lie. I'm sick to death of the actions and words of both parties. I'm sick to death of hearing about the actions and words of both parties. I refuse to vote for any of the lying, egotistical, power-hungry fuckwads. Period.

*In an effort to find everything he needs for this little window project (that'll probably save us 37 cents on our electric bill) da Zigster has turned on nearly every light in the house...and left them on...thereby cancelling out that 37 cents...and, in fact, probably costing us somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.34. But I ain't sayin a word. heh


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