Thursday, September 18, 2008

We might be in trouble

When I got up this morning, I discovered that our water pump is no longer working. The plumbers took out the hot water heater yesterday morning, but said the water pump should be high enough. Evidently they were wrong. Thankfully, da Zigster thought ahead yesterday and ran a garden hose from our neighbors, just in case. Bless him wittle heart.
We now have about a foot of water in the yard and I could fish from the deck.
That's the good news.

The bad news, is that the water's s'posed to raise another 18 inches. That means that we'll no longer be able to wade out...we'll hafta boat. And we don't have a boat. The neighbors do, so that isn't really a worry. But it also means that it'll come dangerously close to the main floor of the house. Dangerously. As in fractions of an inch.

The question of us movin stuff up is no longer an issue. We'll hafta, just to be safe. I imagine we'll also be busy packin up the important things and makin arrangements to stay somewhere, board the cats (oooo, I don't even wanna think about tryin to take them out in a boat) and doin a helluva lotta finger crossin.

We wanna stay just as long as we possibly can, of course. But we hafta plan for the alternative.

About 4 pm yesterday (9/17)

About 7 pm last night (9/17)

At about 9 am this morning (9/18)


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