Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gluttons for punishment

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Some of you might remember me talking about our little adventure at
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  • last year. I'd link to the post, but it's gone with the wind...along with the rest of the six-hundred and some posts that I lost when I deleted the 'first' Lolly several months ago.

    At any rate, last year when we went, it a word...miserable. It was 105 degrees. No shit. I'm firmly convinced that, had I not lost about 30 pounds by that time, I'd have never made the 10-mile raft trip. They'd have been haulin my fat, dead carcass up that damn river. Though the river was as clear as glass and cool as hell, it didn't could get wet and two minutes later, you felt like you were literally boiling. I swear ta gawd...I've never been so hot in my life.

    We were supposed to have stayed two nights, but wound up staying only one and driving all the way home...after we got off the river. I dunno how Ziggy made that 4.5 hour drive...we were both completely and utterly exhausted. I mean, drained. No sleep the night before, then spending 8 hours alternating between draggin the raft through the shallow places and paddlin our asses off. Lemme tell ya...honey, we slept good when we DID finally make it home at about midnight that night.

    I should have realized that, as much as I loooove the group of people we went with, it's just not fun to share a house, no matter HOW big, with 23 other people. Especially when there are only beds for about 20...and TWO toilets.

    Ziggy and I both agreed that it was an experience. But not one we'd necessarily care to repeat.

    But of course, we are.

    Yup, we're doin it again next weekend.

    When they first started plannin it this year, we said "Nope". Then we decided that we just couldn't miss out on the fun, so we'd go...but we'd stay in a motel with a real bed and unlimited bathroom time. THEN we decided that we'd stay in a motel, but wouldn't raft...just hang out in the river all day.

    And now? Well, we're still gonna go. We're still gonna eighty-six the raft trip, but play in the river all day. And yea...we're gonna stay in the big house again. But this time, there aren't as many going, so we'll actually get a real bed...instead of an air the middle of the floor...where everyone hadda step over us to get to the kitchen. And I might actually be able to get a shower without someone drying their hair and someone else usin the toilet...all at the same time. Even though we are all close friends, sometimes it's nice to have a little privacy, ya know?

    And it really is a gorgeous area. The Meramac is a beautiful river and the scenery is great. I really wish I liked wine...there are tons of wineries around the area, so some of the group will do that on Saturday, instead of raft the river.

    But I figure just hanging around, playin in the river all day with some of our bestest
  • buds
  • and indulging in a's gotta be waaaaay better than last year.

    And it SURELY won't be as hot.



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