Saturday, November 15, 2008

Embracing the ersatz

Normally, when given the choice between fake or real, I'll have the real deal, please. If you're gonna kill a cow for food, why let that hide go to waste? I'll choose leather over vinyl any day. Gold filled? Nah. 14 carat's my game. Genuine gemstones vs. some "created" rock? No. Well...ok. I have been known to purchase a piece or two of Diamonique jewelry...set in 14K, to be sure. Hey...even on a budget, a girl's gotta have her bling, right?

In general though, I'll usually flip off the faux, scorn the simulated and spurious, pass on the pretend, eschew the ersatz, blow off the get the idea.

Having said all that, there is the rare fake that I really don't mind Christmas trees. Now, don't get me wrong...I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. I'd prefer to have a fresh Christmas tree. Unfortunately, decorating said fresh Christmas tree is nearly impossible for me. See, they make me itch. Every needle that pokes me causes a big, red, itchy welt. They're messy, too. And I'm lazy, ok?

But this post isn't about the new pseudo pine that I recently purchased.

I know, I know. Gimme a minute. I'm gettin to the point.

Our little River Rat Retreat is cozy and homey. Though it wouldn't be my first choice in decor, many of the interior finishes scream rustic vacation cabin!...a loft with a ladder...knotty pine paneling...cutting board countertops...rough-cut beams. Lemme tell ya...tryin to mix my own personal eclectic style with all this...wood...can be a challenge.


Every rustic vacation cabin needs a fireplace, right? We don't have a fireplace...for a couple of reasons. We don't own the place. Yet. And there's really not enough room for a fireplace.

Enter....the ersatz...

Cute, huh? And the spray-painted piece of PVC that we used for a "stovepipe" kinda completed the whole look.

Jeeezus...I used an awful lotta words to say "We got a fake fireplace", didn't I?


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