Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just a few election observations

*** Ok, so I can remember more than a few past elections. (ahem) I can clearly remember stayin up late and watchin returns and goin to bed not knowin who the next prez was gonna be. I can remember gettin up in the morning and still not knowing who won the election. Tonight? The polls closed here in Illinois at 7 pm CST. And a winner was declared by 10:30 pm. I know Obama won by a shitload, but...dang.
I guess the days of cartin the paper ballots to the courthouse by horse and wagon and then countin 'em out by hand are over, huh?

Ain't technology grand?

*** I thought Obama's acceptance speech was quite...inspiring. And I thought McCain's concession speech was gracious as hell.

*** I believe that 53.3 percent of Peoria County voters have completely dropped their baskets. They elected a
  • Democratic State Representative
  • who...

    ...as a local school board member, missed about 40% of the school board meetings.
    ...doesn't have one lick of experience, other than as the above-mentioned school board member.
    ...just...didn't show up...to a couple of her scheduled debates. Oh well. Lah de dah.
    ...out and out lied about having a college degree.
    ...and...get this...is a convicted shoplifter.

    What. The. Fuck?? Incredible.

    Just goes to show ya...ya don't have to have character or integrity to be an elected politician.

  • Aaron Schock
  • definitely has some male pattern baldness goin on. I guess the mark will be a little easier to spot now. heh

    *** Soooo...if it "overcame racial barriers", why does the PJStar headline scream
  • Obama elected first black president
  • ?

    *** Joe Biden has an awful lotta teeth.

    *** Political pundits really love to hear themselves talk. Blah...blah...blah...yada...yada...yada...

    *** Love the results or hate 'em, tonight was pretty damn historical. And I think that's pretty damn special.


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