Monday, November 03, 2008

I exercised a Constitutional right today's the only exercise I've gotten recently.

No, I didn't vote.

But I figured it's a great time...a fitting apply for my FOID card.

In fact, da Zigster and I both applied.

See, I believe in the Constitution. I think that our founding fathers were a pretty sharp buncha dudes. I believe that they were doin what they believed to be the best thing for our country. Sure as shit not like today's politicians.

I refuse to lay back and let some low-life, drug-addled thug rob me, rape me or worse. I'll be damned if I'll try to "reason" with 'im. They don't know reason. Yea, they might take my gun away from me and blow my brains out with it. But by gawd I'll have at least died tryin to defend myself.

No, I'll not be goin off half-cocked here. No pun intended. My dad was an excellent marksman and he loved guns. He bought me my first .22 rifle when I was just a little shit...maybe 8 or so...and he taught me how to use it. He taught me to respect guns, but not be afraid of 'em. I don't know how many times he said, "Even if you know it's not loaded, never...EVER...point a gun at anything you don't intend to kill."

I know I'll be rusty. I'll fix that with practice. But I'm goin into this with the knowledge and skill that Dad pounded into my head...I expect it'll be like ridin a bicycle. It'll come back to me.

Guess what I want for Christmas?


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