Saturday, September 20, 2008

The view from the other side

Made a supply run today. I wish we'd had a video cam of me gettin into the boat. Oh. My. Gawd. I was laughin so hard I almost peed my pants.

So yesterday, Da Zigster waded up to the car, went into town and came home with an 11' Seahawk raft. It's just the thing for gettin around the 'hood and back and forth to the cars. But after rowin it back and forth a couple times, he decided he really needed a trollin motor. I needed some things from the grocery store, so he donned his chest waders, I wallered my way into the boat, and he hauled my ass up to the cars.

Which, if I'd had an umbrella and a fruity drink, woulda been just alright...

Here's the view lookin East, towards the river and our house.

Just call me "Cleopatra"...hehe

Our street.

Our little blue house.

Aaaanywho, we got back to the house, got the "SS Minnow" (hehe) unloaded and Da Zigster got the trollin motor rigged and fired 'er up.

As I was watchin him putt-putt-putt around the front yard, I noticed this buncha

"misery gawkers" out on the closed to all recreational vehicles river. Anybody know these assholes?


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