Friday, September 19, 2008

Cabin fever

Da Zigster's on his way into town to buy a boat. heh Actually, it's a big-ass inflatable raft that'll hold a trollin motor. He could barely get out today wearin his chest waders, so if the water comes up any more (gawd forbid!) he won't make it at all. I'm so short, I couldn't get out even if I did have chest waders. Though the neighbors have been great, offering to take us out, it's just not the same as bein able to go when you want or need to. And we're gonna need more supplies along about tomorrow.

I'm sure our escapades in a rubber raft will be great blog fodder, too. heh

Thankfully, the river's supposed to crest later today. It only took it about three days to get this high, but it's gonna take it a lot longer to go down.

Zig checks out the neighborhood.

Da Zigster in our front yard this morning.

Me & Stewie, watchin the water.

Think they'll deliver the PJStar today?

Floatin picnic table...lends a whole, new meaning to the phrase "a movable feast", huh?

Some of the neighbors, boatin in last night (9/18)


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