Monday, September 22, 2008

How to take a cold shower

Take a deep breath...and just do it. Very, very fast.

So, we've been without hot water for nearly a week now. Hell, we wouldn't have had any water at all, if not for the quick thinkin of Da Zigster. Last Wednesday, before the water got too high, he ran a hose from our neighbor's outside spigot to our outside spigot. When the water got high enough that it kicked out our water pump, he just turned both on. Voila! The water came from our neighbor's spigot, filled all our pipes and...ta da! We had water.

I have a humongous lobster pot and a big dutch oven we've been boilin water in for drinkin, dishes and baths, so it's not been a big deal, really. Everything just takes a little longer. But I did miss my shower. Bad. Just didn't feel really clean takin a bath, ya know? So this morning, I decided I'd take one, come hell or high water. heh (Pun intended.)

I heated some water and washed my hair in the sink, first. Whatta pain in the ass. My hair's so thick that it takes gallons to get it wet and then rinse it.
But I got'er done.

Then I decided if I was gonna have a shower, I'd it and get it over with.


I bet it didn't take me 2 minutes, start to finish. Gawd damn was that water cold. But I do feel cleaner.

Thankfully, the lack of hot water has really been the biggest problem we've had. We've been soooo lucky. Waaay luckier than some of our neighbors...I don't know 'em , but bless their hearts. They hadda move out completely and their house had probably a couple feet of water in it.

We've been lucky, too, because we haven't had any rain...and none is predicted for another week. And we haven't had any wind to speak of. If it'd have been really windy, we definitely woulda had the river in the house.

We probably won't have hot water for...oh...I dunno...I'm bettin at least another week. But the river's dropped like a rock today...probably more'n a foot. We'll still hafta wade/boat out for another couple of days, but it looks like the worst is over. The basement'll be a mess, of course...and the back door landing. But we didn't have anything at all stored in the basement, so basically, it'll be just hosin it out good after the water gets all pumped out. Oh, and we'll hafta do somethin about the smell. It's startin to get pretty mildew-y smellin.

Yea, it's been a pain in the ass. But ya know what? We still love it here.

If a major inconvenience like this every few years is the cost of livin on the river...we'll take that chance. The good times here have far and away paid for the bad. I don't wanna live anywhere else.


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