Monday, October 01, 2007

Points to ponder

My mind is a scary place

Last night, just before drifting off to sleep, this is the conversation I had in my head.

Oh, and just to preface it a little, the reason why I started thinkin about fresh figs, was that I'd seen them piled with a slice of proscuitto and served as an appetizer on some show on the Food Network. Looked mighty yummy, too.

The conversation:

Wonder where you can buy fresh figs. I've never seen 'em around here.

I've had figs from a box. Those are dried figs. And there are figs in Fig Newtons. I'm sure those are dried, too.

Ok, if fresh figs are called figs and dried figs are called figs, then why are dried (or cooked) plums called prunes?

And dates. Dates are dried, though I'm sure they grow fresh...on date trees. I think?

And why are dried apricots called dried apricots, but dried purple grapes are called raisins?

And why are dried green grapes called currants and not raisins? They're still grapes. Even though they're green.

And why do they call 'em sun-dried tomatoes? I mean, I suppose 200 years ago, the Italians dried their tomatoes in the sun. But I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly with the FDA nowdays. I'm pretty sure all the prepackaged ones are dried in ovens. Why don't they call 'em oven-dried tomatoes?

Wonder where you can buy fresh figs?



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