Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Problem solved

Last post, I was kickin around the pros and cons of going full time. I'm not normally this wishy-washy about decisions...unless it's got something to do with the word "commitment." I'm kinda hinky about that word. But usually, I jump and look later.

Booooy, am I glad that I was wishy-washy about this one.

Yesterday, my boss calls me in to her office to talk about said pros and cons. She wants to tell me a little more about the benefits, etc.

Boss Lady: "I hope you don't think I'm pressuring you into this."

Me: "Nope. I don't feel pressured. I'm just tryin to decide if I really wanna give up my three and a half day weekends and my Friday afternoon naps."

Boss Lady: "Ya know...if you want to work more, but don't want to go the full-time route, you can just request to work extra days. You'll still have to work your regularly scheduled two and a half, but you pick whatever days and hours you want beyond those and believe me, I'll approve every request."

Me: "Uh. I can pick whatever extra days? It can be a different day every week?"

Boss Lady: "Yup. If you want to work a Monday one week and a Wednesday the next, that's fine. If you don't want to work any extra at all in a particular week, that's fine, too. And you're not committed to a full 8 hour can work anywhere from one to eight hours. Whatever you want. You just can't work over 40 hours in one week."

Me: I don't answer because I'm busy doin cartwheels across the office.

Remember when I asked if there could be a better schedule than the one I already have?


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