Friday, August 31, 2007

Hitchin a ride

We're headin to St. Louis tomorrow to spend a couple of days with the daughter...funnin and sunnin on the ole Mississip. (I'm really glad Jules found a boyfriend with a boat!) And Stewie thinks he should go, too.

Nah. He couldn't care less that we'll be gone. He just thinks the suitcase is a neat place to be.... is the top of the bathroom door... a basket, on top of the refrigerator...

...on the footstool...with his duck...

...and his most favorite of all places...up high on the ladder to the loft. He's the only cat on the block with his very own, human-sized cat condo.

'Course, when he's all pooped out, he likes to entertain us with his imitation of roadkill. He's good at it, too.

Don't let the cutsie-pie photo fool ya. Stewie (aka Mr. Surly) has the personality of a Tasmanian Devil.


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