Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am a rock. I am an iiiiiiiisland.


(Sorry Art & Paul. Poetic license, ya know?)

This is the lot directly behind our house...it'd be...southwest...sorta. And yes. The
river is in front of us.

Same lot (yea, it's a big one)...a little to the north of us.

This is our street...uh...our closed street...lookin directly south.

The poor little sump pump in the basement is workin like a mofo to keep up. So far, so good. It's brand-spankin new, so at least we know it's gonna be pretty dependable. I'm thinkin that by tomorrow, (unless the river crests tonight) we'll hafta park a ways up the street and wade in.

On a lighter note...

Well, I was gonna post a photo of that beautiful full moon last night, but Blogger must have a fart crosswise. Maybe later.


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