Monday, September 03, 2007

It felt like home

Ahhhh, gawd.

Beer. Sun. The river. Beer. Great food. Lotsa laughs. More sun. Nice people. More beer...and a "Banana Banger" thrown in for good measure.

That pretty much sums up our Labor Day weekend. It felt like home...except on a different river.

This is where the Illinois joins the Mississippi. Kinda boring, huh? There oughta be a sign or some neon lights...or somethin.

Nooooo, we didn't hafta get married. Zig is just brushin up on his "daddy" act. Been a long time, ya know?

Our host and hostess for the weekend. (We likey the new boyfriend!)

We made losta new friends, but perhaps the most memorable was Willie. Willie has CP...but he doesn't let that stop him for one minute. This guy goes snow skiing, water skiing, bungee jumping and get this...skydiving. The kid ain't got a damn thing wrong with him...except he's plumb crazy. heh

Sunday when we were out on the river, we made a pit stop at
  • Kinder's
  • in Golden Eagle, IL for one of those "Banana Bangers" I was talkin about. Oooooo! Awesome. They also make peach bangers when the peaches are in season and they tell us that they're delish, too. This sign was one of many hangin over the bar...I hadda take a photo 'cause I'm makin one for here. heh

    I know. It's just a barge. But I don't usually get this 'up close and personal' with 'em.

    Looks like he's in his element, huh?

    I'd have taken a lot more photos...but...uh...well...we were doin some wave runnin in the boat and the camera kinda...well...took a bath. heh It's dried out now, though, and seems to be workin ok. After it got swamped, I made Jules take a buncha extra photos, so as soon as she sends 'em, I'll post 'em.

    Oh, and we ran into an old friend while we were out on the river. I had Jules take a few photos, so we'll see if anyone else remembers her.

    Anywho, we're home, safe and sound and sunburned.

    Oh, and ya know all the hype about "a State Police officer posted every 10 miles on Labor Day weekend"? We didn't see one. single. cop. all the way down to St. Louis on Saturday. None. Nada. Zip. None on 74. None on 55. None on 270. Not even any on the secondary roads until we got to St. Charles...and then it was a city cop. Believe me...we were watchin for 'em, too.

    They were like flies on a dung pile today, though.


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