Friday, October 15, 2010

What happens in Vegas... gonna wind up on this blog, I can tell ya that right now.

It's time, once again, for a "Grannies Gone Wild" weekend...and we're doin' it up big, this time. Big.

Really big. As in Las Vegas Big. With a capital 'B', even.

We're flyin out on the 28th and coming back on the 31st. Three nights and four days in Sin City. WhooooHooooo!

But see...the thing is...well...I've never flown before.

In an airplane, I mean. Or a helicopter, either, for that matter. There was that one time...I dropped that tab of speed...


It's not that I've been terrified of flying, you understand. It's the crashing that's always scared me shitless. That and the total, absolute lack of control I'd have. It's not like I can tell the pilot to stop so I can get off, ya know.

My life, for those few hours, will be totally and completely in someone else's hands.

I'm not real tickled about that idea.

But I figure...what the hell. I'll be 56 friggin years old next week. I've lived a good life.

And I'm gonna hit up my doc for a coupla Valium...just in case.


A commenter just reminded me that flying to Vegas entails flying over the Rocky Mountains. Now, all I can think of is the movie
  • Alive

  • And, didn't the whole
  • Donner Party
  • thing happen somewhere in the Rockies?

    Thanks, Randall. LOL

    Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    The river wild

    It's an endless source of fascination for me.

    Right now, it's loooow...really low. Low enough that a huge sandbar has appeared, half-way across. When the river is at a normal level, only a tiny bit of it is visible...and just to the north. At it's present size, it's become the perfect hangout for the ginormous flock of American white pelican that call this little neck of the woods "home"...for the summer, anyway.

    They'll soon be off to warmer climes, so I wanted to grab a few shots of 'em before they leave.

    (Click on photos to enlarge)

    The wide variety of wildlife here in our front yard isn't the only source of fascination for me. Sometimes the sunrises are just...breathtaking.

    Monday, October 04, 2010

    Now, when people ask me to explain what I do for a living...

    ...I can say, "See this? It's pretty much like this."

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