Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So now it's come to this?

Gawd. Can it be? Do I lead such a boring, uninspired life that a visit to a brand new grocery store thrills me to the tips of my little, pudgy toes?

Yup. Guess so.

Ok, before you say anything, I did wait a whole week to check out the new Hy-Vee in Sheridan Village.

Truth be told, I tried to check it out the day it opened, but the ginormous parking lot was chock-full-o-nuts. Good gawd'll mighty...yuppie bitches in their monstrous SUV's trying to find a parking place while running their mouths on their cell phones...people walking hither and yon with their little kids running amok...and then you had the geriatric set in their Buicks.

I decided that my life...as well as my sanity...was far more important.

So, I waited until today. I didn't really need anything from the grocery store. 'Course, that never stopped me before. I can go to the store, needing only 3 or 4 things...and come out with 5 sacks full.

As I walked up to the automatic doors, they slid open silently and I heard a chorus of angels go "Laaaaaaaaaaa!" as I stepped across the threshold.

Not really.

But it is a big, beautiful store and the sheer variety of products is dizzying.

They're cheaper than Kroger's on most things that I purchase regularly...and they have some products that I loooove that Kroger's no longer carries.

So guess where I plan to do most of my shopping from now on?

Well...until the new
  • Fresh Market
  • opens, anyway.

    (sigh) Gawd, I'm old. And fickle.


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