Sunday, March 22, 2009

What economic crisis?

I know there must be one. I keep hearin about it in the news.

But I didn't see it yesterday.

Aahhhh...Saturday. Whatta great day. The water was low enough that we got both cars in. And back out again. Wheeeee!

Aaanyway, Pammy Hubbard's Cupboard was damn near bare. If we wanted to eat, I had to make a grocery-shoppin trip. Not that I necessarily minded this had been almost two weeks since I'd set foot out of the house.

I decided to pass up the local Kroger's and head into town...just for the ride, ya know? I was just anxious to go.

I figured I'd hit TJMaxx and wander around a little before heading to the grocery store. I'm tellin ya...I haven't seen TJMaxx that packed. Ever. It was worse than at Christmas. And people weren't just browsing. They were buyin.
I know because...uh...well, I was buyin, too. Just doin my part to stimulate the economy. And standin in a loooong damn line to do it.

That was so much fun, I figured I'd hit Marshall's while I was at it. And they were just as crowded as TJ. I managed to snag a leather
  • Makowsky
  • handbag that I've been hot for. (Fuck you, PETA) Yea. I needed another purse, ok? And I love it, love it, love it! It was my reward for being cooped up for two weeks. heh And hadda stand in a loooong line there, as well.

    Well then. Onward and upward. Kroger's was every bit as crowded as the first two stores. But I did manage to get a whole cart's worth of grub, in a fairly reasonable amount of time...and walked right into an empty checkout lane. YeeeHaw!

    I didn't see one damn sign of an economic crisis in Evergreen Square on Saturday afternoon. 'Course, I did my part...for the cause. heh


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