Monday, December 29, 2008

I love Christmas

I love it even more when it's over.


It was a great Christmas. My babies were here...which is a rare treat...and we got along fabulously. I mean, I love 'em both to death. But when we three are together for any extended length of time, we...well...we get on each other's nerves, to be honest. Jules has her way of doing things and I have mine. And we're both pretty stubborn. (Wonder where she got that?) And Karsin is...well, she's 9. And she's a lot like both of us. Need I say more?

Poor Ziggy. Stuck right smack-dab in the middle of three stubborn females. hehe

Anywho, it was great. It would have been even better if I'd have not gotten sick the day after. (Aaaachoo!) Luckily, it just seems to be a little head cold...alternating snotty/stuffy nose, headache, sneezing and just feelin like shit, in general. I started pokin Zicam up my nose as soon as I started feelin crappy on Friday and today I feel a little better.

(Karsin farted!) hehe

I wish I'd have had the camera in my hands when I suggested that next year, we all should volunteer somewhere on delivering Christmas dinner or toys or something. The look of pure...horror on Jules' face was priceless. Until I explained that it wouldn't take the whole day. And I reminded 'em of how lucky we all are to have jobs and family and plenty to eat and waaay more toys than any one child should have.

Case in point:

Jules and I both added to Da Zigster's extensive t-shirt collection.

And Simon...

...had a blast with all the ribbons and wrappings.

Stewie, on the other hand, was his more-than-usual curmudgeonly self. When he wasn't hiding from all the frivolity somewhere, he was hissing and growling. Asshole cat.


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