Friday, December 19, 2008

Trapped!! (Updated)

Send food and beer!

We...literally...can't get out of our house.

The doors are all frozen shut.

You'll hafta forgive the quality of the photos...I was takin 'em from inside the house. Cause I can't get outside.
(Click to embiggen.)

See that little tree the middle...the one with no top? Yea. That would be the huge CRRRAAACCCKKKK! followed by the big BOOOOM! we heard a while ago.

I can't believe we still have power. Last I heard, there were about 20-some thousand in Central Illinois without.

There's probably a good quarter of an inch...up to a half inch in some places...of ice, ice, baby...coating everything. Luckily, it looks like the temps are coming up, so hopefully, it won't hang around long.

Da Zigster chopped and hacked his way outside and took a few more photos:

Still have power. Limbs are still falling. Still waitin on the helicopters to drop the emergency food and beer. heh


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