Friday, December 12, 2008

I need a little...


Geeze...what'd ya think I was gonna say??

Nothin like tryin to do fifty-three things at once.

I dunno what it is with me. I alternate between sittin here like a lump and startin four or five projects at the same time. I dunno why the hell I can't just start one thing at a time...and finish it. Or just sit here like a lump and forget the whole damn mess.

Take fr'instance right now...I'm tryin to get started on my present-wrappin, cook a big ole pan of hot wings, watch "Little Women" on TCM and whip up a few more "gourmet" dipped pretzels for presents...all while browsin through YouTube.


And, for some reason, I have the song "We Need a Little Christmas" runnin through my head like a friggin hamster on a wheel. Probably cause the song's kinda...frenetic. I mean...they need all these things...holly and carols and spinets and stockings and fruitcakes and candles in the window and they need 'em right now.

Soooo...whilst browsin through YouTube, I ran across this little gem...

Well, I did say "fruitcake", didn't I?

I think my wings are done.


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