Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No man is an island

But we are. We're officially "stranded" as of about 2 pm.

(Click to enlarge)

Da Zigster, takin my car out for the last time at about 11 this morning.

Stating the obvious.

Our 5 ft. seawall at about 11 am....

...and at 2 pm.

Words fail me. heh

Lakeview, looking North.

Lakeview, looking South.

Our driveway, looking West.

And just for comparison...

The "beach tree" at about 7 last night (9/16/08)...

...and at 2 pm today (9/17/08)

Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I will get the chance to fish right off our deck. I'm just hopin it stops there. If not...well...we're screwed.


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