Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High, dry and stinky

Well, almost dry, anyway.

Quite a contrast, eh?





Once the river crested on Saturday, the 20th, it started droppin. Fast. Well, it seemed fast, anyway. Faster that we expected. We're still an "island", so to speak...can't drive in yet. And the yard, while lookin relatively dry, is actually pretty...squishy.

I waded out yesterday morning to go back to work and the water, at it's deepest point, still hit me...oh...upper thigh, I guess. Dangerously close to the crotchal area, in fact. Wasn't sure I'd make it without gettin some of my girly parts wet. And cold? Whooooo! I drove all the way to work with the car heater on "high". But wadin back in last night at about 5, the highest was right about knee level. I reckon we'll be able to drive back in along about this weekend. I'm hopin we'll be able to get the hot water heater back in this weekend, too.

I was suprised...the yard really doesn't look bad. Not a lotta...crap...left behind. Ya know? Logs and other junk that gets swept up in floods. And I'm thinkin that ole stinky river mud/sludge makes for some fine fertilizer. Hell, if the weather stays warm, I bet we'll have some dandy tomatoes, yet.

It's definitely been a learning experience. We learned that, if ya live along the river, a boat of some description isn't just a's a necessity. And the river-worthy inflatable was just the thing. We've longed for a pontoon ever since we've lived here. It'd still be nice to have one, but frankly, it wouldn't have done us a damn bitta good this past week. Oh, and we now have a little paddle boat, too. One of our other neighbors dragged it over yesterday and asked Zig if he wanted to buy it. So we're set for next time as far as flood transportation is concerned.

We also learned that if the river ever does crest at Henry at 32 feet, like they first predicted...we're screwed. That woulda put probably close to a foot of water in the house. As it was, we had about 2 inches to go before it got in.

Yea, it's been a learning experience, and I'm glad for it. I just don't wanna do it again any time soon.

Da Zigster just got the cars in! Wheeeeee!


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