Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're committing ourselves to each other

But maybe we should just be committing each other

Noooo. I'm not gettin cold feet. I guess I'm just sorta thinkin. Out loud....uh. Ok. Typing out loud.

In just a bit over a week, I'm gonna be marryin my best friend. And when ya think about it, that's a really cool thing. I get to have sex with my best friend. It's like...the best of both worlds.

See, I'm not only madly in love with the Zigster, but I happen to like him, too. I'd like him even if we weren't in love. It's just much more fun this way.

And I don't believe that this little piece of paper layin here on our bookshelves, just waitin to be officialized is that important. I'd be quite content to spend the rest of our lives just exactly the way we've spent the last six years.

Living in sin.

Nahhhh. I don't believe that for a minute. I just like sayin it.

So I'm thinkin to myself..."Self? Why do you wanna fuck up a good thing?"

And I guess that's kinda my point, if this post even has a point. Because that little piece of ghastly lavender-colored paper (C'mon, Peoria County...can'tcha find a nice cream-colored paper?) just isn't that important, I figured...why the hell not? It's one helluva excuse for a party, right?

Seriously, you guys wanna know the real reason I wanna get married?

Because I don't want my obituary to read, "She is survived by a special friend." I think that sounds...just....sad. Because Zig is so much more than a "special friend". And I'm sure that all of the "special friends" I read about in the obits meant much more to their loved ones than that, too.

Not that I'm plannin on dyin any time soon, ya know? But hey...ya never know.

I've also had one fuck of a time figuring out just exactly what to call him during this six-year-long love affair.

"Boyfriend"? Puhleeeease. We're friggin AARP members, not sixth graders. Now men, though...they don't have a problem with callin their...uh...their girlfriend a "girlfriend", no matter how old they are. It makes 'em sound more like a stud to their cronies, ya know?

"Hey, he's an old fart and he's got a girlfriend. I bet he even gets blowjobs when it's not his birthday, lucky bastard."

"Significant other" sounds like I'm a lesbian. Not that there's a damn thing wrong with being a lesbian. I just don't happen to be one.

"Partner"? I think that sounds a little lesbianish, too. And just a tad business partnerish. The only business we're in together is monkey business.

"Mate"? Nope. Don't own a boat. Yet.

"Husband", though...well, that's pretty self-explanatory. No guessin there.

I know. Being concerned with how my obit reads and not knowing what to call him probably aren't great reasons to get married. But they just happen to by my reasons.

I'm sure if you'd ask the Zigster why he wants to get married at this stage in our lives, he'd say, "Because she wants to." I figure if he loves me enough to go along with my silly reasons for wantin to get married...well, it just makes me love him more.


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