Thursday, July 12, 2007

After the rain

I swear...I will never get tired of this view. It's always different. The way the clouds are formed. The roughness or calmness of the water. What birds happen to be hangin out at the time. What boats or barges happen to be goin by.

Speakin of birds, those teeeeny little white specks you see waaaay out there on the sandbar are pelicans. Hundreds and hundreds of American White Pelicans. There are more every day and there are a gazillion babies. We sit out on the deck and watch 'em with the binocs. I just wish some of 'em would head over this way a little closer so I could get a really good shot of 'em. They're soooo awkward-lookin, but soooo graceful when they fly...they do a lotta glidin on the air currents.

And speakin of boats, we got quite a show last Sunday. A big-assed cabin cruiser (with what was evidently a dumbass for a captain) got aaallll hung up on a sandbar. Hell, he was a hundred yards outside the channel markers...dunno where the hell he thought he was goin. But it sure wasn't very far. Hell, him and his boat-mates were outa the boat and walkin around beside it (tryin to push it off...HA! As if...) and the water was only like mid-thigh deep...a couple-three feet at the most.

Several other boats stopped to try to help, but didn't have any luck. Somebody finally brought around a tug from Hamm's and yanked his dumb ass offa there. Bet that cost him a buck or two.


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